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Our hair is subject to rigorous examination and is 100% virgin hair and as such can undergo the same treatments such as washing, conditioning, colouring and high temperature heat levels as if it were your own. Our hair is able to blend with any hair type and is both shedding and tangle free. Our hair is quality hair that can be reused as often as possible and can last upto 5+ years with good maintenance.

We sell several types of virgin hair of which all is listed int he online section together with the hair info. Once you have purchased FAB hair it can be used straight away or you can wash it before use. All hair our hair are sold in its natural state. Each hair type has his own specific hair care however we would like to give you an overall hair care plan that will help you make the longest usage of the FAB hair collection.

FAB hair is virgin hair that does not need allot of products the hair is moist and bouncy on its own and therefore we do not recommend using allot of products otherwise the hair will be greasy. We recommend the hair to be washed and conditioned minimum once a month or maximum once a week, for those who participate in active activities such as gym and swimming we would recommend washing and conditioning maximum twice a week. We don’t recommend washing and conditioning the hair too often as this might cause dehydration.

Products For our FAB hair collection

The products we recommend for our hairs would depends on the hair texture. If you have coloured hair, these products are also available for coloured hair. Please not these products mentioned underneath is only what we personally recommend according to my experience with the products on the hair we sell.

* Shampoo and conditioners:
– pantene smooth & sleek

* hairstyling products:
– Loreal Elnett heat protecting spray: use on hair before using
any heat
– Loreal Elnett Hold spray: use on hair after styling the hair
– John Frieda frizz ease glossing mist spray: to add shine to hair after finishing
– John freda serum: to add moisture to hair after wash and conditioning, if needed
– Kera Care Edge tamer: to sleek down your edges/ baby hair
– Tresemme youth boost recharges spray: good to use before blowdrying hair

Additional products for Spiral and curly hair
– Ausie curl defintion + shine mouse: to apply on dry hair
– Ausie curl definition + soft feel serum: apply on dry hair
– Morrocon oil intense curl cream: apply on wet hair
– morrocon organ oil shampoo and conditioner

Hair weaves
When installing a weave it is really important to still look after your own hair, therefore we recommend changing your weave maximum every 6 week to prevent dehydration and breakage.
We don’t recommend washing and conditioning your own hair whiles your hair is in a weave as we believe that some of he products will always remain in your hair which will cause breakage. It is better to only grease you scalp morning and night whiles you weave is in and then wash and condition your hair once you have taken the weave out. For greasing your snap we recommend

– African pride magical gro
– Motions hair and scalp conditioner
– Organic carrot oil

When sleeping we recommend wearing a hair net to protect your hair and to make your weave last longer, a net with wholes inside is advised so that your hair can breath.

Fab lace frontals

Fab lace frontals is the new in thing and probably the most natural looking install, however it needs much more maintenance. For both our lace frontal installs and wigs it is very important to be very gentle with the lace, as the lace is very delicate and easy to rip. We suggest brushing the hair rather then combing it out and when brushing the hair we recommend you brush the hair out in sections, holding each section about 5 inches from your head. Start brushing out the ends working your way up slowly for each section.
When styling your hair is it very important to identify your baby hair and laying them flat with edge control, please avoid hair gel or glaze, these products will make the hair greasy which won’t allow the hairs to lay down, you need edge control which is much ticker. Once you’ve placed your baby hair with he edge control, then spray holding spray to keep it down. After you’ve done that you can colour in the lace frontal with your face make up powder to match your skin, you don’t have to do this everyday only when necessary, please use a thin brush when doing this to fit in between the hairs properly. We recommend you sleep with a hair net when having a frontal sew in to protect the lace, baby hair and also to keep the install secure as long as possible.

For our frontal wigs we recommend when not wearing the wig you storing it in the wig storage bag we provide or to keep it on a dollyhead. It is very important to keep the lace in shape as if not it can start becoming lose and in some cases roll up or rip.

Fab wigs

FAB wigs are made out of quality hair and wig caps however it is very important to keep a good maintenance.

We recommend you wash your wig at least once a week depending on how often you wear it. Before washing the hair make sure the hair is fully brushed out,when washing the hair hold the cap firmly whiles you slowly wash the hair with gentle strokes going downwards. Repeat this step 3 times then condition and leave it for about 15-20 min, then since it out thoroughly. We recommend you let the hair air dry on its own, however if you need to wear it you can dry the hair with a blowdryer. Once the hair is dry you can apply 1 pump of serum, robbing it in your hands then applying it onto the hair, make sure you don’t over grease the hair. Once this is done you can dan round brush the hair and then style it. WWe ask you to do this process gently so that you wont rip the lace. We also offer this service for those who require it.

Styling equipment

big waves:
– BaByliss Pro – Ceramic Dial A Heat 32mm
– BaByliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand
Spiral waves:
– Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand
– Remington CI9532 Pearl Pro Curl Hair Styler
– The Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand
– BaByliss Pro 200 Pink Nano Mini Hair Straightener


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