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We love are existing clients and we adore our new comers..

We appreciate all the FAB ladies out there keeping it Fab ..

To show all of you our appreciation we always have amazing deals going on to make sure your keeping it 100% FAB ..

Weave deals

Buy 4 bundles and closure/ frontal from any FAB hair and get your hair installed for free

FAB custom Frontals installs

Buy 4 bundles and Frontal from any FAB hair and get your hair installed for FREE

We aim to give our clients the most natural looking hairline totally customised to each head shape.

This service is great for those who have virgin afro hair, hair breakage/loss or for those who want to grow their own natural hair.

This install can last upto 6 weeks.

FAB custom made Wig Deals

We offer exclusive deals for those who purchase multiple Fab Custom made wigs.
This offer applies whether you are getting the custom wig made with our hair or providing your own hair.
This offer does not apply to FAB already made wigs online.


Purchase 2 custom made wigs and get 5% of the cheapest wig
Purchase 3 custom wigs and get 10% of the cheapest wig
Purchase 4 custom wigs or more and get 15% of the cheapest wig.


Order your custom wig now

European hair Install deal

The weave install for European hair is becoming more and more popular and we want to give all our new FAB European hair new comers the opportunity to try out the FAB install experience.

This method is flexible, encourages hair growth instead of breakage, is secure and can last up to 6 weeks.

So book your first appointment now and receive

10% discount on install price.


purchase 4 bundles of any FAB hair and get a FREE install

FAB Ultimate Colour Deal

Are you looking for a natural colour?? a Vibrant colour?? or a funky colour?? then

Get your FAB colour done with our FAB ultimate colour deal..

Purchase any FAB hair plus install and get 10% of the colouring
Purchase any FAB hair to make a wig and get 15% of the colouring.


Xmas Sale is On

Check out all the units that are on sale now!

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